Cole & Mason Product Guarantee Info

Cole and Mason offer various guarantees for the different products we sell. Please review the information below to find your specific product and what is covered by our product guarantees.

Salt & Pepper Mills

Grind Mechanism Lifetime Guarantee – A lifetime guarantee on ALL grinding mechanisms. (Please note: disassembling the mechanism will void the warranty.

Salt and Pepper Mill Body's 1 Year Guarantee

Reasons your mill may NOT be covered:

  • Leakage - Leakage of salt/pepper from the mill is a normal occurrence. Depending on the mill, adjusted setting and usage some mills may leak more than others but can usually be limited by adjusting the mill’s grinding mechanism to its finest setting.
  • 2-Year Motor Warranty Expiration - Battery operated mills use motors to activate the grinding mechanism. These motors are only covered by a 2-year warranty.
  • 1-Year Body Warranty Expiration - Damage to the body of the mill after 1 year from date or purchase. We do not have replacement parts for the mills. If the body of your mill is cracked, shattered or separated from other portions of your mill we cannot issue a replacement under the warranty.
  • Date of Purchase - Warranties are covered based on the date of purchase. If you cannot provide a receipt/proof of purchase, than only the mechanism lifetime warranty can be applied. The 2-year battery warranty and 1-year body warranty can only be invoked when a receipt/proof of purchase is provided.

Oil & Vinegar Products

Oil Mister 5 Year Guarantee

Specialty Mill Products

Cheese, Chocolate and Nut Mill 5 Year Guarantee

Electric Cheese Mill 2 Year Guarantee

All Other Products not listed above have a 1 Year Guarantee